History of DECO Electric



Kevin Duszynski

Experienced Electrician, Husband, Father and Small Business Owner; Kevin Duszynski was born in Anaheim California where he lives today.  He started his career at the age of 18 working as an electrical apprentice.  He worked his way through business school (Cal State University of Fullerton where he earned a B.A. in Business Management) as an electrician and went on to have a successful career in the construction industry.  Kevin Duszynski has worked for several large general contractors and has built several landmark projects throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.  Some of the most noteworthy projects include the Governor George Deukmajian State Courthouse in Long Beach, the Fast and the Furious Ride at Universal Studios and the Microvention Headquarter Building in Aliso Viejo. He is committed to providing the same level of excellence, that he applied to  constructing these large projects, to every electrical project and client that he serves.  He is experienced, honest, kind, hard working and eager to help all clients both big and small.  For an experience that will leave a lasting impression contact DECO Electric for any and all of your electrical needs.


Leigh Duszynski

Partner in the Company; Leigh is committed to providing all clients with the respect and high level of service that they deserve.  For any questions related to the services provided by DECO Electric don't hesitate to reach out to Leigh Duszynski.


Dylan & Jordan

Dylan and Jordan are the inspiration for the company; they are the motivating factor.  DECO was founded on the principal that "work life balance" really means more time with family, friends and those we love the most.  While we are committed to "getting the job done" we feel strongly that being efficient with our time, and having a good plan for every project, allows us to get more done in less time.  We've found that this philosophy creates a collaborative environment and also has a significant impact on the productivity of clients as well as ourselves.