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Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Orange County

Turn Heads Through Our Exceptional Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions In Orange County

A well-lit exterior doesn’t just add to the curb appeal of your commercial building but also enhances its security and functionality. As experts in commercial outdoor lighting in Orange County, we pride ourselves on successfully completing several big and small outdoor lighting jobs.

Whether you run a café, a hotel, or an office facility, our outdoor lighting solutions will be tailor-made to match your specific requirements. In addition, we will have an eye for detail on every other specificity stated by you. So, look no further and choose DECO Electric for all your lighting installation needs. Get in touch with us today!

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions In Orange County
Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions In Orange County

Stay Welcoming Always With Our Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions In Orange County

You’ve employees, executives, support staff, contractors, visitors, and most importantly potential customers visiting the office every single day.

Thus, by having impactful outdoor office lights, you can leave a positive impression in their mind. Beyond that, a well-lit office building comes to everyone’s notice easily, helping first-timers find your office without any trouble.

Overall, don’t think exterior lighting is an added expense, but it is an investment that will work to improve your clientele.

Comprehensive Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions In Orange County To Make Your Building Stand-Out

When it comes to outdoor lighting, no one light fits all. It’s important to be selective and choose lights based on the specific area and purpose. Given below are a few lighting solutions we propose to our clients

Parking Lot Lighting

Ensure the safety and security of your employees and customers and their vehicles with a well-lit parking area. Our energy-efficient solutions help reduce dark spots and improve visibility.

Landscape Lighting

Augment the beauty of your property’s landscape with strategic light placement. Highlight focal areas like walkways, gardens, and architectural features to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Security Lighting

We bring in state-of-the-art lighting systems like motion-activated lights and other sensory lights to deter intruders and provide peace of mind.

Facade and Architectural Lighting

We will first analyze your building’s best features, recommend the type of lighting that can work well, and finally commence the installation work to give a lasting impression to your clients.

Reasons To Choose DECO Electric For Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation In Orange County

Customer satisfaction

We’re well acclaimed in Orange County, having an extensive collection of positive client reviews.

Top-notch quality workmanship

We pay meticulous attention to every job we perform, regardless of their size and type.

Licensed & Certified

We’re a CALCTP-AT Certified employer having a contractor license with license number #1113070.

Experienced & Skilled

With two decades of combined experience in the electrical service industry, we take pride in our expertise and skill.

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